External Enclosure with space for add in card

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I hope someone can advise about this question I have. I already have 2
external enclosures I use. One for a external hard drive, my 3rd.
Second for an external DVD writer I am using. I need a external
enclosure for a Digi Deck that converts music tapes (cassette) to
digital format (wav, and mp3). The problem is that it fits easily into
a 5.25 external enclosure but I need a opening in the enclosure to put
or place a add in card the hooks up to the 20 pin cable that runs off
the Digi Deck. Then you hook up the Digi Deck unit via the add in card
to you PC's sound card. Any advise would be appreciated. I can't find
anything online. My only thought is to cut into the side of a regular
external enclosure (messy).

Thank you!

Re: External Enclosure with space for add in card

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It looks like it would be easier to put inside the computer.
While there are some bigger enclosures, comparitively speaking
they are expensive, and you'll be hacking up the enclosure to
fit the PCI bracket.


You could buy a small computer case with included power
supply. If you connect a wire from PS_ON# to COM on the
main 20 or 24 pin wiring harness of an ATX power supply,
that will make the power supply run when it is switched
on at the back of the computer case. Connecting one of
the molex disk drive power connectors from the power
supply, to the Digi Deck, will give the Digi Deck
the +5/+12 is needs to run.

Then, just fit the PCI bracket adapter of the Digi Deck
into the back of the new computer case.

If you pick a reasonably small form factor for the
computer case, it won't take up too much room. And
a small computer case could well be cheaper than a
fancy enclosure that you are only going to have to
hack up anyway. No hacking of the computer case
will be required, and you can reuse it in the future
for another project.

"Antec MINUET II Black/Silver Computer Case - Retail $64"

This would be the 24 pin power connector on the Antec internal
power supply.


Purchase one of these for $3.75. Snip one of the black
COM wires into two pieces. Snip the PS_ON# wire. Peel
insulation off the 24 pin end wire pieces. Twist and
connect PS_ON# to COM. Use electrical tape to cover
the wire, so it doesn't contact anything. Finally,
plug the modified extender cable into the Antec 24
pin power connector. The power supply should then
be enabled to run. You can use a molex disk drive
connector from the supply, to power the Digi Deck.


The pinout of a 24 pin power connector can be seen on page 36
here. To orient yourself, note that there will be three black
wires adjacent to one another, on one side of the connector.
The PS_ON# wire is next to those three black wires. The plugged
pin on the connector, is where the -5V used to be, and so
you'll know that is not the side where the PS_ON# wire would be.
Chopping the wires on a $3.75 extender cable, is cheaper than
damaging the wiring on the Antec 220W power supply.


Have fun,

Re: External Enclosure with space for add in card

Thank you for your advice and help. The reason why I was looking for a
external enclosure I could use is one word, portability. I know my
friends are going to hit me up for it's use. Thank you again.

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