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My old machine died after several years of hard use. I'd backed up all
the data on to an external Maxtor 200 gig drive. Money is very tight
at the mo so I built a new PC from cannibalised bits and a mobo and
cpu I bought several years ago. I always wanted to build my own PC to
see how they went together so I bought some bits but never found the
time to assemble them.

The result is that I have an "new" slow and steady system.
The board is an Asus A7N266-C and the processor an Athlon 1100 MHz
(impressive eh!). My only outlay was a fresh copy of XP Home and the
setup surfs the Net in a clunky sort of way. My biggest
disappointment is that I can't access my external drive. The moment I
connect it to a USB port the PC hangs. In every other way it seems
stable when the drive is not connected. The OS is fully up-to-date-
as I think are the drivers. Any advice would be very gratefully
received. Please understand I'm a total idiot with these things.


Re: External drive problem

It is completely possible that you may need to install a driver for this
external maxtor. Have you tried going to the Maxtor website and looked for
your external drive and see if there may be a driver for it to install on
the XP system? I have a One touch Maxtor which I know required a driver
before it was recognized by XP, so you may need to do the same thing.

Now at this point I'm just guessing. Do you have  a Personal Storeage 5000
unit? That's a couple of years old and here is the link
for the XP drivers.


Jan Alter
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Re: External drive problem

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Hi Jim. Check in Device Manager, to make sure you haven`t
got any dreaded Errors on USB.

Re: External drive problem

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If you cannot get the problem fixed,
you should be able to take the drive out of the case and mount it inside the

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