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I have a Dell Latitude D600 and a NEC LT158 projector that would not
work properly together. On a fresh install of windows with the latest
security patches and all drivers but the video driver, I can hit my "Fn
+ F8" key combination to activate the external video display and it
works fine. Upon installation of the video drivers this function does
not work at all. If I connect an external LCD monitor I can get a
display and all seems well, however when I connect the projector I get
no display.

Troubleshooting steps taken:

-The resolution/refresh rate settings has been changed.

-I connected a LCD monitor and while it was working fine without
deactivating the external video function with the "Fn+F8" Key
combination, I disconnected the LCD monitor and connect the projector.
At this point it worked fine until a reboot.

-I checked the advance video options of the video card and checked the
display tab where I found that the external monitor options was not
available. (No external video device was found while the projector was

-I confirmed that the projector is set to factory defaults and that it
is working fine by connecting it to my Dell Optiplex GX620 where I have
yet to experience a problem.

Re: External display problem

Ok so I found a work-around. Can't believe I hadn't thought about this
before. I'm sure you guys are familiar with the advance display options
that comes with the ATI driver software. There is an option to save
multiple configurations and reload as needed. What I did was saved the
setup while the LCD monitor was connected. Unfortunately the convenient
feature of being able to hit "Fn+F8" is gone, but at least I can get
some display now!

With research I've found that some people went to the extent of making
a dummy cable connector just to trick the system into believing that a
device is attached. With every other laptop I've used, it does not care
if there's load on the port or not, it will switch the video modes
regardless. This Dell D600/ATI setup requires a load in order to switch

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