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hello guys,
i'm using a HDD monitoring software.... & it generates this summary
about a hard drive of mine. I've tried looking up in the software
website for external help to figure out its meaning but i couldn't.

i'm more intrested in the statics broduced under..... [Device
S.M.A.R.T. status] section........ (SEE BELOW TABLE) could anyone
explain me those terms................ and say me what is the say,
present health of my hard disk.

-----------------------[Background information]-----------------------
DTemp version: 1.00 build 34 (RC8)
Started under WinNT kernel, version 5.1.2600
Number of processors: 1
Processor type: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9, ~2593 MHz

-------------------------[Device information]-------------------------
Physical drive: 0
Compatiblity: ATA/ATAPI-6 minor version 001Bh
Model: ST380011A
Firmware revision: 8.01
Serial number: 5JVFDPRL
Disk capacity: 74.53 Gb (156301488 sectors)
Buffer size: 2048 Kb
Identify information CRC: Ok

----------------------[Device S.M.A.R.T. status]----------------------
Attribute                           Value Thresh         Raw Flags
Raw read error rate                    54    6 000009E54CB0h CR OC PR
Spin up time                           99    0 000000000000h CR OC
Start/stop count                      100   20 000000000023h OC EC SP
Reallocated sector count              100   36 000000000000h CR OC EC
Seek error rate                        80   30 000006AFE6AEh CR OC PR
Power-on time count                    98    0 000000000A27h OC EC SP
Spin up retry count                   100   97 000000000000h CR OC EC
Device power cycle count               98   20 000000000A54h OC EC SP
Temperature                            36    0 000000000024h OC SP
Hardware ECC recovered                 54    0 000009E54CB0h OC ER EC
Current pending sector count          100    0 000000000000h OC EC
Off-line uncorrectable sector count   100    0 000000000000h EC
Ultra ATA CRC error rate              200    0 000000000000h OC PR ER
Write error rate                      100    0 000000000000h
Attribute 202                         100    0 000000000000h OC EC SP
CR-life critical  OC-online collection  PR-performance related
ER-error rate  EC-event count  SP-self preserving
Attributes CRC: Ok Thresholds CRC: Ok

--------------------------[Device features]---------------------------
Maximal transfer block in sectors: 16, current: 16
Transfer modes:
  PIO: 0-4
  Single word DMA: not supported
  Multi word DMA: 0-2
  UltraDMA: 0-5
  Current transfer mode: Ultra DMA-5
Drive features:
  LBA supported, 48 bit addressing supported
  SMART supported, enabled
    Device status: Ok
    Attributes structure revision: 0Ah
    Thresholds structure revision: 0Ah
    Pre-power mode attributes autosave supported
    Attributes autosave after event supported
    Temperature check capability found
    SMART error logging supported
      Log directory not supported
      Summary SMART error log not supported
      Comprehensive SMART error log not supported
      SMART self-test error log not supported
    SMART self test supported
    Offline data collection supported
      Suspend offline collection after new host command
      Offline read scanning supported
      Offline self test supported
  Security mode supported, disabled
    Master password revision code: unknown
    Security locked: no
    Security frozen: yes
    Security count expired: no
    Security erase time: unknown
    Enchanced security erase not supported
    Security level: high
  Write cache supported, enabled
  Read look ahead supported, enabled
  Host protected area supported, enabled
  Microcode downloading supported
  Power management supported, enabled
  Advanced power management not supported
  Automatic acoustic management not supported
  Media serial number not supported

Re: explain the meaning....

gautam.bipin@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


The acceptible values range of values is defined by the hard disk
manufactor, for each attribute, for each drive model.

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