Existing Stock cost rise

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I have been looking at replacing my ailing graphics card and decided upon a
Sapphire HD3850 from a known local supplier where they showed 5 stock for
the last 3 or 4 days at 86 each.

I went to their site this afternoon to now find still 5 in stock but priced
at 92.

My point being is they have been showing that stock quantity for a while and
therefore assume they did not sell out and restock today. I can appreciate
restocking might up the price but this does not sound genuine to me.

Yes I know they can do what they like with prices.........the small print

Re: Existing Stock cost rise

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 16:08:09 +0100, "Tom E"

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Might be a sign of across the board price increases, or
might be because their site has the ability to detect # of
visitors to a product page and raise price based on this
perceived increase in demand.  Might be that their counter
showing 5 is just a marketing ploy to try to make people
think there is limited stock so they should order quickly,
but a new shipment came in at a higher price per unit than
previously, or one supplier of the cards ran out and the
other supplier always charged more for it.

Far too many reasons why the price may change, even if you
contact them they just make something up instead of having a
factual, acurate reason.

I don't know what internet prices are like in your region
but often parts are cheaper online than from local
suppliers, providing the shipping charges aren't too high.

Re: Existing Stock cost rise

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I can see now why.....it was priced too close to their own clone copy.

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