EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS

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First of all I'm running an p4 3.2 purchased in 2004.  I just upgraded
the motherboard to an Asus P5N-ESLI with the hopes of getting two
cards in there for sli performance, but I don't need to.  This
videocard is *Absolutely* amazing in terms of how far PCI-E technology
has came since 2004.  The last card I had was an ATI Radeon 800XT and
it would get so hot I had to keep my entire chasis open with a huge
house fan running on the rig to keep it from overheating.

Well this new EVGA Geforce is so large with such an effective heatsink
that it never gets above 50C. The nice thing about getting an Asus
board is the Asus Probe hardware monitoring software that comes with
the board, which means I can diagnose heat problems which can be
tricky if you don;t have an open case. As performance goes I can run
Bioshock at max resolution and settings *without* a hiccup. It's
amazing.  Bravo EVGA!

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