Ethernet switch problem

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Hi Correspondents,

I've got an Acer desktop that I recently upgraded with a quad core  
Q6600. Great. I recently purchased an Acer E15, also quad core. OK. For  
a long time I have connected my PC farm using a five port Ethernet  
switch, D-Link model DES-1005E. Both machines sport Giga Ethernet I was  
having problems with the connection which never went Giga. Thinking the  
cable was the problem I went with a new Cat6 Ethernet cable. No  
difference. So as a way to diagnose the problem I removed the D-Link  
switch and connected the two Giga quad core machines direct with the  
Cat6 cable. Problem solved. But, there are all the other farm computers  
to connect. The D-Link switch was better than my previous solution, a  
hub in a router and it only cost $20 at the Source.

QUESTION: Should I ditch the switch? Can I get a better switch on my  
small budget?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Ethernet switch problem

Norm X wrote:
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According to this, the DES-1005E is 10/100BT. No GbE in it.

I bought my GbE switch for $40 years ago. I'm sure
you'll find something. I initially had 10/100BT and upgraded
to GbE. And naturally, just between machines in the room,
as there's no way any ISP will give enough speed here to
justify a better WAN side connection. I'd have to move
to Kansas (Google fiber).

Not all desktop GbE chips are equal. There
are some RealTek PCI bus ones, that seem to generate
too many interrupts, and by extrapolation, you'd
need a 4GHz processor to get the chip to deliver
full GbE. Not all hardware is cursed with this
degree of CPU dependency. Most of the work is
supposed to be done via DMA and buffer queues.


Re: Ethernet switch problem

On 12/26/2015 2:47 AM, Norm X wrote:
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I guess that the first question before "Can I get a better switch on my  
small budget?" should be "Do I _need_ a better switch?". Only you can  
answer that, of course, but do you routinely do things which actually  
require faster transfers? Would it save me time? Do my computers have the  
horsepower to actually use the gigabit transfer rate? (I find that most  
real-world systems are hard pressed to average much over half gigabit speed  
under the best of conditions). If you decide to make the leap, you can find  
a selection of small gigabit switches on Amazon for < $20.

Re: Ethernet switch problem

On 2015-12-26 8:03 AM, John McGaw wrote:
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Thanks. Paul said there are interrupt moderation problems with Realtek  
Gigabit Ethernet. Hence I will be looking for a 4 port Gigabit PCI  
adapter Boxing Day. Intel is a good name. I am going back to Gogo IPv6  
tunnel adapter and there are nuisance performance issues.

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