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I would like to install an ethernet card to this old PC of mine.  The
motherboard was made by Tyan, the model is S1854 (also called Trinity
400).  The motherboard has several PCI slots free.

The reason for the ethernet card is that I would like to get DSL from
AT&T, and so I need to connect their modem to my PC.  (I currently have
dial-up service...)

Do you have a recommendation as to which ethernet card I should
purchase?  Is there an online site that evaluates these products?  I
searched on PC Magazine, but I was never able to find comparison
ratings.  Since my PC is about 10 years old, is it worth to get a card
with an high throughput?  I am not much of an expert...

Note:  Some of you might be tempted to say that it is time to purchase a
new PC alltogether etc. etc.  If at all possible, I would like to keep
the focus of this discussion on the kind of ethernet card that is
recommended for my current PC.


Re: Ethernet Card For My PC

Tiziano wrote:
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Any 10/100 Ethernet card will be fine. No point in buying a 1000 one since
you'd never need it and they are more expensive. Read the reviews and
buy what you like.

Re: Ethernet Card For My PC


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Gigabit ethernet cards can be had for roughly $0 (after a
rebate), $10 to $20 regular price, the cost difference is
trivial enough that one might as well buy a gigabit, or
"1000 one" as  you put it.  The advantage is faster peer to
peer networking on the lan with modern systems... since
anything decent these days comes with gigabit ethernet.

Beyond that, just about any PCI card will work, I suggest a
good value would be any card with a Realtek 8169 chip on it,
as they perform well enough for the cost and the driver
support is as good or better than any other.

Re: Ethernet Card For My PC

Tiziano wrote:

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The 99=A2 ones that Fry's sometimes offers seem to be as good as the
$1.99 ones and even the $10-20 cards from Cisco/LinkSys and Netgear.

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