esata on 1 mghz cpu

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HI all.  I need some help  in comprehension.  Q_1:  Is a eSATA PCMCIA
card really @ 3x faster than 1394a in transferring data?  Q_2:  How
different is a NAS from a eSATA RAID?  Please type slowly I am almost
70.  thanx.

Re: esata on 1 mghz cpu wrote

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No, its never that much faster. It is faster tho.

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NAS uses a network connection to the drive(s)

eSATA RAID uses a eSATA cable to the drives.

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Not a good enough excuse.

Re: esata on 1 mghz cpu

On 15 Feb 2007 10:08:42 -0800,

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1394a is going to be an occasional bottleneck, depending on
the particular drive, and some added latency, particularly
with many small files opposed to fewer large ones.  With
eSATA, the drive itself will always be the bottleneck.  It
will vary a lot based on use, and drive, but a random
made-up number might be "eSATA is 30% faster".

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Network attached storage is a separate host system with a
network adapter.  It is typically used more for constant
availability of data, to many systems in some cases.  eSATA
or firewire might be seen as a more occasional connection
direct to the PC, though of course you could leave it
permanently connected if you wanted to.  A well tuned
network without any congestion could make a NAS as fast as
1394a, but for practical purposes you might assume a NAS is
a little slower.

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