ES1868 AudioDrive ISA in Windows 95

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I'm working on an older system, trying to get it up and running.  It's
going well enough, but I need some direction in diagnosing a sound card
problem.  There's every reason to suspect all of the discussed hardware
previously worked together under Windows 95, but I cannot exclude the
possibility that the sound card has simply failed.

Ok, here's the setup, more detail upon request:

Mainboard:  Biostar MB-1433/50UIV-A ver. 5 (Socket 3)
Processor:  Am486 DX2 80MHz    
Memory:     16MB (4 x 4MB modules)
Video:      1MB VGA ISA Card
Floppy:     1.44MB 3 1/2"
Optical:    2x IDE CD-ROM
HardDrive:  540MB Conner CFS540A

All of that stuff seems to be working.  The HDC, FDC, serial and
parallel ports are provided by an ISA I/O card.  The third ISA card is
the sound card.  It also has what appears to be an IDE connector, even
though it is not explicitly marked as such.

FCC ID (E5X1853L) and chip identifier (ESS AudioDrive ES1868F G486)
suggests to me that it's: (I can't find a good picture of it online, but
if somebody wants to see it I can post one.)

Sound:     Ensoniq ES1868 AudioDrive ISA

ESS suggests that it's supported in Windows 95 on this web page:

Those linked files are apparently gone, but I've found (presumably)
those resource by searching out the relatively unique filenames still
embedded in those pages.

The board appears to only have 1 labeled jumper that controls the IRQ
setting: 12 or 15.  I've left it set to 12 and left it (as with the
other two ISA cards) in their original slots.

I can't get anything to see the card, though I am admittedly unschooled
in the pre-Plug 'n Play era.  I've tried these apps to look for the card:

* Microsoft Diagnostic (MSD)
* ESS' DOS Setup Utility for ISA AudioDrive
* Windows 95 Setup
* Windows 95 Add New Hardware

Right now, I suspect that there is a BIOS setting that needs adjusted.
Unfortunately, I don't have much background in that domain, and no
manuals for my motherboard or sound card.  Fortunately the AMIBIOS
(11-10-94) does not have a lot of settings, so I'll post them here, with
the options delimited by a pipe (|).  My comments will be included in <
and >.

Any ideas as to how I should proceed will be appreciated.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Standard  < this is just Date/Time and drive settings >

Advanced  Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec)     Disabled | 15 | 20 | 30
           System Keyboard                Absent | Present
           Primary Display                Absent | VGA/EGA | <...> | Mono
           Above 1MB Memory Test          Disabled | Enabled
           Memory Test Tick Sound         Disabled | Enabled
           Parity Error Check             Disabled | Enabled
           Hit "DEL" Message Display      Disabled | Enabled
           Extended BIOS RAM Area         0:300 | DOS 1K
           Wait for "F1" If Any Error     Disabled | Enabled
           System Boot Up Num Lock        Off | On
           Numeric Processor Test         < disabled >
           Weitek Power 9000 VGA          Absent | Present
           Floppy Drive Seek At Boot      Disabled | Enabled
           System Boot Up Sequence        C:,A: | A:,C:
           System Boot Up CPU Speed       Low | High
           External Cache                 Disabled | Enabled
           Internal Cache                 Disabled | Enabled
           Internal Cache WB or WT        Wr-Thru | Wr-Back
           Password Checking              Setup | Always
           Video Shadow C000,16K          Disabled | Enabled
           Video Shadow C400,16K          Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow C800,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow CC00,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow D000,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow D400,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow D800,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow DC00,16K                Disabled | Enabled
           Shadow E000,64K                Disabled | Enabled
           IDE Multi-Sector Transfer      Auto | 2 | 4 | 8
           Primary IDE 32 Bit Transfer    Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla
           Primary IDE Block Mode         Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla
           Primary IDE LBA Mode           Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla
           Secondary IDE Present          None | 1 | 2
           Secondary IDE 32 Bit Transfer  Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla
           Secondary IDE Block Mode       Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla
           Secondary IDE LBA Mode         Disabled | Mas | Sla | Mas/Sla

Chipset   AUTO Config Function           Disabled | Enabled
           Cache Read Hit Wait State      3-2-2-2 | 3-1-1-1 | 2-1-1-1
           Cache Write Hit Wait State     2 W.S. | 1 W.S. | 0 W.S.
           DRAM Wait State Select         2 W.S. | 1 W.S. | 0 W.S.
           DRAM Page Mode                 Slow | Fast
           Local Ready Delay Setting      No Delay | 1T | 2T | 3T
           CPU ADS# Delay 1T or Not       No Delay | 1T
           Signal LDEV# Sample Time       in T2 | in T3 | in T4 | in T5
           Hardware DRAM Parity Check     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache C800,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache CC00,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache D000,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache D400,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache D800,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache DC00,16K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache E000,32K     Disabled | Enabled
           Adapter ROM Cache E800,32K     Disabled | Enabled
           LOWA20# Select                 KBC | Chipset
           RC Reset Select                KBC | Chipset

Power     < this has been disabled, let me know if you want more >

Re: ES1868 AudioDrive ISA in Windows 95

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 04:42:34 GMT, Grinder

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Probably either an IDE controller onboard or a midi header,
I can't recall.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It definitely has win95 support, the following is the newest
driver I could find in my archives.  I can only assume win95

can't recall if I've ever used it on win95 or not, but it's
worth  try.  Supposedly win98 and thereafter have a driver
for it included on the OS CD, if all else fails you might
consider win98 or 98lite running win95 shell if it needs to
be low overhead.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You could try adding new hardware manually, or changing the

Re: ES1868 AudioDrive ISA in Windows 95

Grinder wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It turns out it was a bad ISA slot.  It should have occurred to me
earlier, but I got hung up on my unfamiliarity with ISA cards and

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