Error 100 from Partition Magic 8

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I keep getting error 100 from Partition magic v8.  Init failed error
100 Partition Table is bad.  

I have run chkdsk under DOS mode on each of my drives and no errors
were reported.  After the checking of five hard drives the error
message still appears.

Can someone please tell if the error message is bogus or if there is
really something wrong some place and what software should be used to
fix the problem.


Re: Error 100 from Partition Magic 8

On Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:15:28 +0000, oldman

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Here's the PM8 Error Codes list,

It couldn't hurt to tell us more about the configuration of
these drives, and to disconnect all but one and retry PM8,
then if it doesn't kick up the error try the next and so on
until you find the problem drive partition(s).

Re: Error 100 from Partition Magic 8

oldman wrote:

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You have FIVE hard drives that show this error?  That would suggest your
install of PM8 is borked and you need to uninstall/reinstall it.

If you mean five PARTITIONS on the same drive, you've just got a bad PT.
chkdsk can't fix partition table errors.  If you're knowledgeable about
PT structure - and very careful - you can probably fix the table with
a partition table editor.  The PM8 install includes PTEDIT32.EXE that
would allow an expert to fix things.  Maybe.

For mere mortals, and those who value their data, a more conservative
fix is to back up your data, nuke the existing table, create a new
one, and (sigh) restore your data.  That's what the PM8 manual urges
and I agree.  Lengthy, painful, safe.

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