enlarge disk sector?

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I have a 100 gig disk on my machine that is divided into two partitions.
C drive and E drive.  However, the C drive is almost full. Is there a
way to increase the C drive with space from the E drive with out
reformatting etc?

Re: enlarge disk sector?

Nicholas wrote:
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Yes it is possible. The traditional answer is "Buy PowerQuest Partition
Magic" and I've used this software quite a few times to perform such
tasks. But there may be a way to do it more cheaply. Google for
"freeware enlarge partition" (without the quotes of course) and see if
anything there suits you.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: enlarge disk sector?

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 09:26:14 -0500, Nicholas

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yes, paritition magic will do it, but i have to wonder why
you have two partitions and that "Maybe" you'd be as well
off just moving some stuff from C: to E:.  Segregating the
data more also might make it easier to make incremental,
selective backups of the OS or user data based in it's
location.  Seldom does one need to keep making new backups
of static data (apps or whatever).

Re: enlarge disk sector?

It was poor disk managemet on my part when partitioning the the disk. My
   C drive really only has programs. I save data lick pics etc on other
drives. I should have partitioned better. thanks for the info.

kony wrote:
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Re: enlarge disk sector?

If you have a another HDD with enough space, you could try the method I
often use when making major changes to a drive.

1. Make a Ghost of your C: drive onto the spare drive. If you use high
compression, the ghost file will take up about half of the used space
in your C: drive.

2. Make another ghost file or simply copy everything on E: to the spare
hard disk.

3. Format, repartition or make any other change you need.

4. Restore your C: drive from the ghost file and copy everything else

Although this involves several steps, personally, I find that it
carries the least risk. I have never used Partition Magic to resize
partitions while data is present, but apart from the risk of data
corruption, I hear that it can take a very long time. Making the ghost
file and restoring it take only a few minutes each.

Re: enlarge disk sector?

Not safely.  Partition Magic is SUPPOSED to be able to do that, but users
frequently end up losing their data.


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Re: enlarge disk sector?

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 16:13:21 -0800, "DaveW"

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Oddly I find myself agreeing to the extent that one should
ALWAYS back up their data first.

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