English/Japanese keybord - trouble

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Hi - I hope it's the right newsgroup(?)
I use Windows Vista x64 (english).
I have an english/japanese keybord.
In "Regional and Language Options / Keyboards and Languages / Change
keyboards / " I have added "Japanese keyboard". (NOT Microsoft IME because I
don't want to write in Romaji)!
In "Control Panel / System / Device Manager" /Keybords " I have updated the
driver software by choosing "Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)" - but
without succes.
My trouble now is:
When I press the key "a" I get "チ", " s" => "ト" and "d" => "シ".
The correct should be this: "a" => "ち", "s" => "と" and "d" => "し".
Can somebody help to solve this problem"=

Re: English/Japanese keybord - trouble

Steffen wrote:
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Hi Steffen.

My condolences on your problems. I'm up to my neck in my own but may be
able to help you a bit.

Recently I installed a tiny Gaelic-US English "typewriter" software
program on my box and it placed a small icon in my systray. If I click
that, it pops open a tiny window with the choice Gaelic or US English. I
then click whichever I want to use. Next I had to get a few different
Gaelic fonts and placed them in the Fonts folder in Control Panel.

When I needed to save a document I had typed, I had to select Encoding
at the foot of the document (Try it on Notepad) and change the usual
ANSI to UTF-8. Then you should be able to save your document in the
right language.

When you switch between the two language modes there are indeed
differences in the characters that the keys show. For example, to place
a character over a letter, I had to hold down the \ key and then quickly
hit the key for the letter that it goes over e.g. u. Put in another way,
I hold down the \ and tap the u and the letter that appears is ú.

Hope that helps.


Re: English/Japanese keybord - trouble

Thank you very much for helping me. Is it a shareware-program? Where can I
get/buy it?
Kind regards

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Re: English/Japanese keybord - trouble

Steffen wrote:
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Sorry again Steffen for the delay.

Your best bet is a True Expert Ciarán Ó Duibhín. I suggest you visit
this web page. www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/~oduibhin/  I just did a search for the
name: "Ciarán Ó Duibhín" and had 11,300 hits

I had an email exchange with him a couple of years ago about Portuguese
and he even writes in that lingo, so I'm certain his English is perfect.
He is also very helpful, so I'm sure you'll get the info you want.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you any further.


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