Energy efficient socket 478 chip?

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I want to make a low-power (energy efficient) pc.  The motherboard I've
already got is socket 478.  What's the lowest power chip I can put in
there?  And how low power is it.

Also, I'm told the 478 celeron m doesn't fit in a desktop socket 478,
only laptop? the pin arrangement is different, I'm told...  is that


Re: Energy efficient socket 478 chip? wrote:
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There are various web sites with info on CT-479

Intel has info on power consumption on the links here: =

The power consumption isn't particularly low, but neither is the
performance. And the power management features may not all be
functioning with adapters like that. A motherboard with a mobile
chipset would make it all work.

These DFI boards take Celeron M and use mobile chipsets.

Or you can get a board and processor like this bundle, with a 14W processor.
It doesn't get much cheaper than this.

PC CHIPS M863G (V7.1C) AMD Geode NX Processor 1750 SiS 741GX Micro ATX $70

Geode NX 1750 = 14W at 1.4GHz

There is another complete solution here. Slow as molasses (in terms
of core clock) but only $55 for a complete solution. (If I had a choice,
I'd probably take the NX 1750.)

PC CHIPS M789CG(V3.0A) VIA C3 Samual 2 2000+(800MHz/133) VIA CLE266 Flex ATX
Motherboard/CPU Set

Maybe that uses the 13W processor ?

There is all sorts of interesting stuff, hiding under
rocks out there.

Finding benchmarks for all those solutions will take a
bit of work.


Re: Energy efficient socket 478 chip?

Paul wrote:
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Excellent response thank you Paul!  I've been down most of those roads
actually.  I very nearly bought the PC CHIPS M789CG from newegg, but
there are some problems with it I read in the reviews, and I figured
since I already have a spare microatx board I'd look for a low power
478 chip.  Also it doesn't have SATA support...

I thought the CT-479 only runs on asus boards, from what I read.  Still
a good suggestion, since I didn't say my board isn't asus.

There's also this shuttle:

Re: Energy efficient socket 478 chip?

On 17 Nov 2006 13:14:46 -0800, wrote:

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How low power does it need be?

What will you be doing with it?
Why build on a platform known to have lower efficiency when
the board can't be worth much?

I'd imagine you could be a Pentium 4 down to around 25W if
you underclocked it, but it might depend on whether your
board has voltage reduction and/or FSB reduction options.

I'd sooner go with the Geode board combo Paul linked, not
the C3 option unless ultra-low power is the only priority
and performance really doesn't matter at all, as it's
sluggish even running WinXP GUI.

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Right, it's a mPGA that is smaller.  A mobile Celeron
wouldn't necessarily be a bad choice depending on your
needs, but with a different board.

If you can settle for upwards of 35W, you can pick among
most platforms and just underclock the CPU.  Does it even
need to be a newer platform?  There's plenty of old Pentium
3 systems out in the wild that produce under 25W even at
stock speed, under 15W underclocked with the Coppermines or
Tualatins but for something like a fileserver there'd be the
issues of lack of SATA support and going back far enough,
possible limitations in hard drive size supported by the
BIOS though you could always add a drive controller card if
utmost performance isn't an issue.

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