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Fellow Emachines Users:

Most computers I have owned were set up so they would come back on
right away after a power failure.  If the power went off and on 50
times while you were away, the system would go off and on 50 times,
doing who-knows-what kind of damage.

The exception was my Hewlett Packard.  When the power went out, the HP
would stay off until I specifically turned it back on.  I thought this
was a very nice feature.

Does anyone know how the emachines are set up?  Will it go off and come
on 50 times, or will it stay off like the HP?  Thanks.

                                                Bob C.

Re: emachines power behavior

It's normally a BIOS option. Every machine
I've seen in the last several years has a resume choice in the BIOS>

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Re: emachines power behavior

There should be a choice in the BIOS settings about how the computer should



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Re: emachines power behavior

On 26 Mar 2005 11:33:46 -0800, chemliftbake@aol.com wrote:

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As others mentioned it's now a typical bios feature, but if
it worries you that much, you might consider either:

1)  Get an UPS
2)  Turn it off when you'll be away.

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