emachine totalled !!

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I bought an emachine EL1352-22C running under Windows 7, in February, to
replace my 2001 computer.

I started it up, entered a password, and then didn't use it until
yesterday because I was looking for an easy way to transfer my old

I forgot my password in the intervening time.  I'm furious with myself
because security is not a problem in my house;  I should have entered

My seller, a chain store, won't support the product.  Tells me to take
it to a computer service center.

Assuming they'll have to hack it, this could cost more than simply
replacing the computer!

Any ideas?

Re: emachine totalled !!

You can try this open source password recovery tool:
http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net /

Re: emachine totalled !!

On 6/9/2011 4:26 PM, Overclocked wrote:
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I have used ophcrack several times with excellent results. It works on
w7, I would definitely give it a try.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 are supported.
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Re: emachine totalled !!

On 6/9/2011 5:11 PM, babthrower wrote:
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http://windows-server-training.com/windows-7-password-reset-recovery /

Re: emachine totalled !!

babthrower wrote:
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When you set a password, I thought Windows 7 recommended you
enter a "hint" or "phrase", to remind you of the password.

Say, for example, I set the password to "fido" and the hint
phrase was "what is the name of your dog". Then, if I forget
the password, the hint will tell me what I'm supposed to enter
(assuming I can even remember the name of my dog - I've never
had my own dog).


You can use a password resetter tool (and the other respondents
have given examples.


If you haven't used the computer at all, just turned it on and
set the password, then you have nothing to lose. You can use
the "restore" function described in the computer user manual, to
overwrite the installation on C:, using a hidden partition on the
drive. Check the user manual for details. This is usually a
destructive option, which can erase user data, emails, settings
and so on. Reading the manual, should tell you how destructive the
option is.

I prefer the second option, of using a password resetter, because
it's more geeky :-)


Re: emachine totalled !!

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Failing all the other suggestions to hack the password, you could always
format the hard drive, restore the operating system from your install CDs -
doesn't sound like you'll even need to restore your data from your backups
as you haven't used the machine yet.

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