Electronic component SA56004DDP technical data

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'SA56004DDP datasheet'
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'SA56004DDP' (http://www.chinaicmart.com/suppliers/847/SA56004DDP.html )
The Philips SA56004X is an SMBus compatible, 11-bit remote/localdigital
temperature sensor with over temperature alarms. The remote channel of
the SA56004 monitors a diode junction, such as a substrate PNP of a
microprocessor or a diode connected transistor such as the 2N3904 (NPN)
or 2N3906 (PNP). With factory trimming, remote sensor accuracy of 1C
is achieved.

Under and over temperature alert thresholds can be programmed to cause
the ALERT output to indicate when the on-chip or remote temperature is
out of range. This output may be used as a system interrupt or SMBus
alert. The T_CRIT output is activated when the on-chip or remote
temperature measurement rises above the programmed T_CRIT threshold
register value. This output may be used to activate a cooling fan, send
a warning or trigger a system shutdown. To further enhance system
reliability, the SA56004X employs an SMBus time-out protocol. The
SA56004X has a unique device architecture which is patented (U.S.
patent #6542020).

The SA56004X is available in the SO8 and TSSOP8 packages.SA56004X has 8
factory-programmed, device address options.The SA56004X is
pin-compatible with the LM86, MAX6657/8, and ADM1032.
Notice is herewith given that the subject device uses one or more of
the following patents and that each of these patents may have
corresponding patents in other jurisdictions:
Patent No. US 6,542,020 B2 owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics
N.V., Eindhoven (NL).
Accurately senses temperature of remote microprocessor thermal diodes
or diode connected transistors within 1 C
On-chip local temperature sensing
11-bit, 0.125 C resolution
8 different device addresses are available for server
applications.The SA56004ED/EDP with marking code 56004E/600E is address
compatible with the National LM86, the MAX6657/8 and the ADM1032.
Offset registers available for adjusting the remote temperature
Programmable under/overtemperature alarms: ALERT and T_CRIT
SMBus 2.0 compatible interface, supports TIMEOUT
Operating voltage range: 3.0 V to 3.6 V
I2C-bus standard and fast mode compatible
TSSOP8 and SO8 packages
Programmable conversion rate (0.0625 Hz to 26 Hz)
Undervoltage lockout prevents erroneous temperature readings
Latch-up testing is done to JESDEC Standard JESD78 which exceeds 100
System thermal management in laptops, desktops, servers and
Computers and office electronic equipment
Electronic test equipment & instrumentation
Industrial controllers and embedded systems


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