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Can I use my old eide hard drivers in a computer that has a serial ata
that I got from dell.  or would I need a eide controller card ?


Re: eide on serial ata

Peter wrote:
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Open the case, look at the controller card. Many cards have on or two
PATA connections.  Also, enter BIOS setup and see if there is a section
on ide drives; that will confirm the capability.


Re: eide on serial ata

Peter wrote:
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There are kits like this:

It doesn't really appear to be a better solution than buying a
controller card, though.

Re: eide on serial ata

On 5 May 2006 14:55:49 -0700, "Peter"

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Your system will have at least two PATA (master/slave)
positions on one IDE connector on the motherboard.  The
optical drive is using one of them, if you have a 2nd
optical then you should check for a 2nd IDE connector.

If only one optical drive, it will be connected to same
cable as the optical drive.  You will also need the 2nd
drive mounting frame, which is "hopefully" currently screwed
in right alongside the one holding your SATA drive.  

A 2nd HDD will be poorly cooled in most common downsized
mATX Dell systems.  Some might prefer a 5-1/4" bay tray with
a front fan(s) or at least fairly large front intake holes
that the rear exhaust fan draws some air in through.  Even
so, the system is typically optimized for the initial parts
installed and parts added should be checked for proper
operating temp.

Re: eide on serial ata


The answer is yes. Almost all of the motherboards have IDE connections
built in for the optical drives. It is very likley you would be able to
have up to 4 IDE devices without having to add a new controller card.

You could also install a mobile rack with removable trays if you


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