ECS Motherboard fried?

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Hello everyone,
I have just got a new ECS Motherboard (KT6000), and a athlon xp 2800
processor. I am trying to setup the clock speed on the jumpers without
havingthe manual. I am using pc2700 memory (2x256MB)
After installed the M.Board on the chassis, I simply turned it on, with
the default jumpers  settings (100mhz).  The computer started up
normally, indicating I had a Athlon 1500 XP. Then I turned it off, and
changed the jumpers configuration, and turned it on again. This time
I've got a Athlon 2100 XP. Then again, I turned it off, change the
jumpers settings, and try to turn it on, as I was trying  to get the
correct indication for my processor speed (2800), however this time,
the computer won't boot up anymore. I even tryed to put the jumpers to
the original configuration, and reset the cmos...

Q1) Is the motherboard dead?
Q2) Playing with the clock jumpers like that may damage the

Thanks for any feedback!
Alvaro Melo

Re: ECS Motherboard fried? wrote:
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If you're attempting to run a 2800+ at 2.8GHz no wonder you're having
problems! Next time do some homework before blindly fiddling around with
hardware you (appear to) know absolutely sod all about! If you were to run
it at that speed, you'd be overclocking it by nearly 25% something that
isn't to be recommended. At least you've managed to find the correct speed

The FSB should be set to 133 and the multiplier to 17 (at least that's what
the maths tell me - I thought that all AthlonXPs were locked to a multiplier
of 15, but what do I know...? Not a lot it would appear...)

Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

No, I was not trying to run the Athlon 2800 XP at 2.8ghz. I was simply
try to the the right setup for it, however the motherboard manual
wasn't availabe at the time.
When you get the right configuration, it will display on the screen
"Athlon XP 2800".
However, I didn't know you could damage the M.board if you didn't get
the clock jumpers right.

Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

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Is this from experience Sarah?


Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

Stupid Cunt
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Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

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Have you tried removing the motherboard CMOS battery for 'a while'?


Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

Nope, I did not.
I will try that and repost here.
I thought that reseting the cmos using the jumper would be enought.

Re: ECS Motherboard fried?

On 11 Jul 2005 11:41:51 -0700, wrote:

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Did you unplug the system from AC before using the clear
cmos jumper?  Try that, and pulling the battery both while
AC is disconnected.

ECS boards do often have little quirks like this.  _IF_ you
had moved the correct jumpers (or any speed-related jumpers
only, not excessively over-volted the CPU by changing core
voltage jumpers) it should not have damanged anything and
should not fail to POST again after putting jumpers back in
original positions and clearing CMOS.

"Should not have" doesn't necessarily mean the board's bios
isn't screwed up though-  not your fault.  The two common
resolutions IF it's able to continue working again are,

1- clear cmos/pull battery

2- put in a different video card and/or CPU (both but not
necessarily simultaneously).  This may cause the board to
load setup defaults for some parameters.  Usually it's the
CPU that needs swapped but video has been seen to resolve
some where another CPU wasn't available.

I'm not suggesting to just use a different CPU, only to put
the other one in long enough to get the board to POST if it
will.  Get ahold of the manual.  Set the jumpers to most
conservative/slowest settings in an attempt to just get it
posting then later changing settings as needed.

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