E7300 vs Q8200

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Which one should be better for a administrative task like office?
I thought E7300 should be a good choose but the shopkeeper said Q8200
would be better. I always thought that you had to choose a quad when
you want to do video, 3D or gaming and the dual core should be fine
for adminstration.

What is your opinion?

Re: E7300 vs Q8200

On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 10:44:32 -0700 (PDT), HDI

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Either are quite overkill for basic Office use, meaning a
slower and less expensive CPU would have little to no
drawbacks in actual use, contrary to what a benchmark might
suggest as benchmarks use the computer to do the task
instead of a far slower human being.

Choosing at least a dual core CPU will make windows tasks
snappier, but beyond that you have no need for more cores to
do this.  To put it another way, if you are trying to max
out the budget on the system, going with the Q8200 might be
better than wasting the money on something else, but the
E7300 is plenty for the task and more benefit might be had
by spending the rest of the budget on a 2nd hard drive so
windows runs from one drive and the applications and
pagefile from the other drive.

Re: E7300 vs Q8200

HDI wrote:
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E7300 2.66GHz/FSB1066/3MB L2 dual core 45nm 65W TDP


Q8200 2.33GHz/FSB1333/4MB L2 quad core 45nm 95W TDP


In single threaded tasks, the 2.66GHz core is going to beat
the 2.33GHz core.

Given the choice, I'd rather have the faster dual core E7300.
My current computer uses a Core2 2.6Ghz dual, so I didn't buy
into the "quad thing".


Re: E7300 vs Q8200

HDI wrote:

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ever considered AMD such as 64 x2 5600 to 6400

Re: E7300 vs Q8200

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I run an E7300 admittedly overclocked to 3.2GHz.  I haven't noticed any lack
of real world performance in any program.  It has a really low power
consumption most of the time on an Asus board with all the power saving
speed-step & fan stuff on, and makes for a an almost silent efficient PC
with the option of going to quad core if it ever proves necessary (unlikely
IMHO).  I built mine 7 months ago and it was the obvious solution to my
needs at that time, but AMD now have options and shouldn't be ignored.

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