DVDRW software to compliment new DVDRW drive?

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Basically, I use my DVDRW for the following...

1) Create backups of files that I don't want to lose, such as programming
code, custom graphics, customer invoices, etc.

2) Create images of my PC so I can restore it should something blow up.

3) Backup CD's and DVD's that I don't want to have damaged, such as my CBT's
and a few games.

4) Moving multiple TV shows from my MCE PC to DVD to be watched in my DVD
player. These shows begin as in Microsoft MS-DVR format.

I'm just wondering what everyone uses these days for backups...

I've liked Alcohol 120% for any kind of disc imaging/copying tasks, but it
doesn't compress the images at all. The virtual drive system works well.
Also, I despise their support system. You aren't even permitted to read
their FORUMs unless you register. You aren't allowed to register until you

I've recently discovered PowerISO, which will compress images, but it won't
compress audio CD's at all. It also has a virtual drive system. I haven't
tried it for making data images or writing disks yet. Something about it
just doesn't make it seem reliable. I could probably replace Alcohol with
this software if I could figure out what I don't like about it.

Nero 7 Ultra has a fair amount of features. The Move Maker software creates
the DVD's fairly well, but the software is buggy and it can take a few
attempts to get a good movie. I've never tried any disc image or virtual
drive features in Nero (if it has any)

Roxio EZMedia Creator 8... Been a few years since I used anything from
Roxio. Can it handle Microsofts MS-DVR video format? Will it create disc
images? Can it compress the images? Does it come with virtual drive software
to mount disc images?

...and I'm sure that there is more out there, but this are the programs that
I know about.

Which would you use, and why?

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