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Possibly stupid question...

I recently bought a LiteOn DVD-RW device and installed it without
problems. I notice, however that some DVD movies are not recognized
by the writer (a.o., The Godfather, Monty Python & The Holy Grail,
... all original discs, no copies).
When inserted, the writer just makes some non-regular, soft ticking
sound and the disc just doesn't speed up. The system (Win2K) also
hangs as long as the disc is inserted, trying to recognize

Any ideas on what's causing this? Do I need new drivers / new
firmware or is this purely a hardware problem?

Thanks for any pointers,

Re: DVD-RW question

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Any errors reported in the Event Viewer ?.
Uninstall the device in Device Manager. Then restart the machine, to let
Windows re-find the writer.

Re: DVD-RW question

"old jon" wrote:

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Nothing in the Event Viewer... I've reinstalled the driver as you
described, but no cigar. Insert disk, explorer hangs, short scratchy noise
from DVD-RW every once in a while. It's not a total computer freeze, other
programs go on as if nothing's happening.

Once I take out the DVD, Explorer returns to normal.

Thanks for any further pointers,

Re: DVD-RW question

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Note: yes, Wald = bobo, it's this thing with work and home Usenet
accounts... sorry for that.


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