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My Plextor CD-RW went kaput, so I may as well replace it with a DVD-RW.

Should I stick with Plextor?  What are the other reliable brands?  Any
issues concerning the battle raging between the 2 flavors of DVD (shades of
VHS vs. Beta - I bought Beta, for the quality).

Maris V. Lidaka Sr.


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There are reviews here. If you just read the "Conclusion" page on
each one, that will give you a quick idea of which ones are good.

http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/search/B /



On Mon, 13 Mar 2006 06:05:43 GMT, "Maris V. Lidaka Sr."

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Really depends on where you live since that determinces availability
and prices. However in the US the NECs and BENQs are cheap and good.

Ive got both but have used NECs much longer so I tend to favor NECs
more just cause Im not sure how reliable the BENQs are though I hear
they are fine.

You can get them at NEWEGG etc often for 38-45.


Thank you John and Paul.

I read some negative reviews on the BenQs, though I no longer recall the
specifics.  NEC was universally rated well, and I just ordered the ND-3550A
from newegg.com for $37.99 with FREE 3-day UPS delivery.  The Plextor has
started working again, but the DVD+/- will certainly hold more images, and
at that price . . .


JohnS@Smith.com wrote:
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