DVD-Rom - cyclical redundancy problem?

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My OS is XP-Home, and I have an LG DVD burner.

I've been having problems reading some dvd's that I burned using it
(either the disk won't be read at all, or there are problems playing
it, and if I try copying it to the HD, the error message tells me there
is a cyclical redundancy).

It has no trouble with most of my dvd's.  

And all of the one's that the LG burner can't read are just fine on my
Dell laptop.

Sometimes rebooting the computer helps a bit, and I can access one of
the problem DVD's.

I originally had a Sony DVD burner (similar problems), and when it
started acting up I replaced it.

Is this a common problem?  Is there a fix for this?  Or time to buy a
new one?

Appreciate any help or suggestions on this!  


(Apologies if this is not the correct forum to raise this type of

Re: DVD-Rom - cyclical redundancy problem?

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I'd suspect that your DVD media is failing. I've had this happen with cheap
(and not so cheap) media. I've had the best luck with stuff that's made in

I'd start getting data off of any disk that you've been having trouble
reading and back it up someplace else!

Re: DVD-Rom - cyclical redundancy problem?

Tomander wrote:
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I occassionally had this problem with my NEC ND3550-A.  A firmware
update seems to have taken care of it.

Re: DVD-Rom - cyclical redundancy problem?

Hi Calab and Grinder,

Appreciate the comments and suggestions.  Thanks very much!


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