DVD reading problem with BENQ 1640

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Hi, I bought a benq 1640 (I installed the newest firmware) and I'm not able
to read my burned DVD (a blank media...) whereas with my old DVD writer I
can read it !

Do you have any idea ?

Re: DVD reading problem with BENQ 1640

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Well the obvious thing is if you had written the old disks with packet
writing and dont have the packet writing dirvers/program installed on
the new drive. Then you cant read the disks of course.

Examples are Direct CD used with EZCD or whatever its called now Media
Center or something. Or INCD formerly used with NERO.

If you wrote any disks with those programs instead of the usual way
using the regular EZCD or NERO burn then you have to install the
program or drivers to read the disks.

That is a stretch though as packet writing seems to have really
declined in usage I think since you dont see anyone posting about it

The other is either your old burner was wonky or your new one is , if
you mean you cant read disks burned by your OLDER burner on your NEW
burner. Maybe even newer firmware by BenQ will allow better reading if
its the BenQs fault. Or sometimes the newest firmware can be buggy and
older firmware may actually be better.

If its not your BENQs fault and its your older burners fault then all
you can do is reinstall your old burner to read all your old disks and
copy them over with your benq.

Now if you are saying your BENQ cant read disks burned by your BENQ
then its definitely your BenQs fault. Then I would try going back to
older fimware if youve rechecked your burn settings and arent
obviously doing anything wrong. When you say cant read are you saying
it doesnt see anything on the written disks? See it as a blank disk?

I would also test it in another PC just for the heck of it if the
problem persists. Then if its still screwed after reflashing the
firmware and trying it in another PC and even trying different media
and any other obvious problems ---- I would think about sending it
back which may be a big problem if you live in place like Hawaii and
have to send it back to the mainland.

Re: DVD reading problem with BENQ 1640

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Thanks for your answer

Sorry I was not clear : it is not a "blank" media but a "no brand" media

For several medias (bulkbaq *8) my old burner read them, my new (benq) no
: there are CRC errors with the latest firmware and the previous.

My new burner works correctly : I can burn and read disks.
I'll wait for a newer firmware or look for an outstanding DVD reader.

But now I only buy brand media  !

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