dvd-ram disk completely jiggered

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I wonder if anyone can help...

I have a dvd video recorder (a low-end Panasonic one - I forget the
model) that has a nasty habit of making dvd-ram disks unuseable.  I
have tried to blank or format them on Linux (using the tools dvd-rw
+format, dvd-rw+booktype and wodim using -force options) or to recover
data from them (using Photorec, which worked the first time this
happened) which fails, or to even to treat it as a hard disk and
create a filesystem such as ext2 or fat32, all to no avail.  I've also
tried the quick erase facility in windows Roxio (which is rather less
informative)  The best result I can get is using dvd-rw+format which
gets to 1.5% then stops (with no errors).  The drive being used to
attempt recovery is a hp900e.

So can anyone suggest a way to rescue these?  The latest victim is an
Imation type 4 disk.  Sorry I've no actual command output to hand as
I'm doing this from work.



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