DVD drive uses morse code

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I bought a new DVD drive: AOpen 1648/AAP Pro
Immediately after turning on my pc, the drive begins to repeatedly
blink the following "morse code":
---...... (3 times long, 6 times short)
Unfortunately neither the manual nor the Aopen website tells me what
this means. Pressing the eject-button hasn't any effect. The drive is
correctly recognised by Windows. I updated to the newest firmware. I

- using another IDE-cable
- using master or slave property
- unsing the other IDE plug on my mainboard
- switching to "UDMA33" mode (whatever that is)

nothing had an effect. The DVD replaced an old working CD drive. No
BIOS setting seems to be wrong. My BIOS is from 1999 - that's the
newest version available for my board. It's an old PII 333 computer.
Is it to old for DVD drives?

TIA, Konrad

Re: DVD drive uses morse code

this is your bios telling you got an error
and nothing to do with your dvd drive

try this site also tell me what bios make is it?

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Re: DVD drive uses morse code

Quoted text here. Click to load it

try disconnecting the dvd drive to see if it goes away if so then try
updating your bios firmware if it does if you have already then probably
your new spanking dvd drive is not compatible with your motherboard, which
personally i dont think so. u must of caused static damaged to one of you
components on your motherboard during installation like i said check the
website out may provide you with info you need also check your motherboard
website to find the make of your bios

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