DVD drive sounds like a shopvac

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Not all rental DVDs but about 15% spin up at really loud rates and
don't spin down. It's so loud you can't watch the movie. It's louder
than the speakers and sounds like a vacuum cleaner running. It stays
that way all the way through the movie. I've tried PowerDVD and WinDVD
both and it's the same with either one. I'm using an ECS Desknote. I
got a different DVD drive even and it didn't make any difference. My
desktop does the same thing but only about 2% of the time. I'd
appreciate advice from anyone with experience at this kind of thing.
Thank you for your time.

Re: DVD drive sounds like a shopvac


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The factory firmware for a DVD-ROM (or DVD burners, for that matter)
should slow to 1x or 2x speed when a video DVD is detected in the
drive.   It's independent of the player, it should be automatic.   The
feature is commonly referred to in hobbyist circles as the "riplock"
as it slows down the read speed of video DVDs and any DVDs it
misidentifies as video DVDs.   It's supposed to prevent the drive from
spinning up and making such a racket when you want to play a DVD movie
and desire a quiet environment.

The thing is, the feature slows rip speed if you like to make
expendable dupes for your DVDs, common firmware mods are to disable
the riplock, as well as the region lock.  Use the factory firmwares if
you want to be sure that the feature hasn't been disabled.  There are
some modded firmwares that offer both.  For example, the Liggy/Dee
mods for the NEC drives are often released with 2 versions that are
otherwise identical except for the riplock, as some people don't like
the feature, while others do.  

If you're already using the factory firmware, it's possible that some
of the more recent protection systems and DVD-ROM feature enabled
discs may be identified as data DVDs, which aren't affected by the
riplock.   If that's the case, or you just don't want to give up your
modded firmware just yet, you could try Nero DriveSpeed.   While it's
bundled with Nero, it's free, and you don't have to have Nero to use


The program basically tries to force a speed limit on the drive. It's
a universal speed limit, so long as the program's running, so don't be
surprised if your optical drive accesses are slower -- that's the
whole point.   It doesn't work for all drives, as not all drives allow
you to limit the read speed that way, but it's worth a shot.   Note
that I'm talking about DriveSpeed, not the similarly named


Re: DVD drive sounds like a shopvac

Thanks, I will put my best man on this.

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