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I want to ask someone about regional standards of DVD drives (whatever  
does it means).

The problem I have is with my DVD drive I bought last year with my laptop  
(MATSHITA UJDA770). Computer was bought in LA (USA,CA) and there was no  
problems with one. Now as I has to use one in Sweden I can not burn DVDs.  
The problem I have is really annoying, when I put DVD with movie or with  
other kind data (pictures, files, software) it is OK. The drive does not  
recognize empty's DVDs, When I put one into drive it doesn't work.

Moreover, sometimes my coworkers can not read data from CDs I burn (it's  
not always happening but sometimes, usually with CD-RW).

Is there any difference in US and European drives, is there any way to fix  
this problem?
Has anyone had the same problems?

Re: DVD drive problem

lady_bird wrote:
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Windows XP will not allow you to write to a blank DVD as it does a blank
CD.  You need to use software particularly designed to burning DVDs to
accomplish this.  Nero ROM Burner and Roxio Easy Creator are a couple of
examples of that type of program.  Perhaps someone can recommend a good
freeware alternative.

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You need to finalize the disc to insure that it will be readable by
other users.  This will stop you from writing additional data to the
discs as well.  In the case of CD-RWs, however, you will still be able
to erase the disc and start over.

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There is a region encoding build into DVD drives that should control the
playback of manufactured discs, but that does not sound like a problem
you are encountering.

Re: DVD drive problem


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The region lock isn't the problem.  The DVD Region restriction only
applies to DVD movie reading, not writing.  Any movie discs you write
yourself will be 'region free,' and the region lock doesn't apply to
DVD-ROM discs.



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