DVD CD ROM does not recognise discs

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My fathers Notebook is a Novatech Model M67SU Product code M670SU. OS =
Vista Home Premium patched to SP1 mid December 2008 with a few update
patches since. The DVD ROM is recognised in the BIOS and it therefore
appears in Windows Explorer tree. The tray can only be opened with a paper
clip. When a disc is put in the green light comes on solid for a while
before going off. Opening Windows Explorer and selecting the DVD ROM results
in an error pop up, Place a disc into drive etc. This happens with every
type of disc, applications, CD-RW's and DVD films. I have uninstalled and
reinstalled the Optitrec software but to no avail. Assistance much
appreciated thanks.

Re: DVD CD ROM does not recognise discs

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 21:22:15 -0000, "The Brass Turner"

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Seems like a typical random failure of some part in the
drive.  You might pull the drive out and put it back in a
couple times in case the contacts aren't so good, open it
and spray compressed air on to blow dust off of the lens,
and if it's a smoky environment then liberally spray contact
cleaner or drip pure alcohol on to clean the lens... but in
most cases it's time to replace the drive, perhaps it's
under warranty?

Let's back up a moment, if you put a bootable CD or DVD in,
can the system boot to that?  If so, it indicates at least
partial functionality of the drive and there may be an OS
problem.  If not, and you're sure, can confirm same disc
boots in another system, we've eliminated the OS as the

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