DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

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I need to replace my (IDE) CD / DVD burner.

I currently have a LITEON 18X model number LH -18A1P186C. It is only 2
yrs old and has about 200 burns on it. I paid $50.00 for this damn
thing that has already stopped working.  (will do everything but burn)

So, I'm looking to buy a new one from Newegg, question is which brand
is better, between Sony, LG and Samsung?

I plan on staying below the $25.00 price range so this is the page I'm
looking at. http://tinyurl.com/dmltbr

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Ron

Re: DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

Ron wrote:
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Check out Lightscribe.  I was slow to adopt, but I love it now -- even
given that the blanks are a little more expensive.

Re: DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

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Ignore most reviews of CD/DVD burners as usually they just rate the fastest
as the best and yet the most important thing is the quality of the burn
which most reviews never mention.  Burn quality depends mainly on choosing
firstly good media but also on selecting a burner that uses that media
optimally.  After dissecting numerous quality scans over on the CDFreaks
site, I settled on a Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7200S as a great all-rounder.  It's
a very good CD & DVD reader as well.  I have 2 of them, a friend has 2 and
no problems so far in about 5 months.  There's hacked firmware around too
that let you do bitsetting and multi-region code stuff, the drive has no
riplock to slow down movie DVD backups either.

It has a NEC chipset and NEC hardware, not all Optiarc models have, some
have Lite-On bits inside.  Other manufacturers also don't always use their
own make components, so a bit of research helps there if you're set on a
particular make.

Re: DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

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I went with this

Thanks for the input.

Re: DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

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I went with this

Thanks for the input.

That's a rebadged LiteOn with Media Tek chipset.

Re: DVD Burner Replacement - Brand?

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Alright, as mentioned in this thread I bought a Sony AD-7220A from


Every disc that I made with my Lite-On using Maxell DVD+RW would /
will play on both of my DVD players. A Mitsubishi DD-4030 (2003) and a
Pioneer DV-440 (2001).

Using the same media (Maxell DVD+RW) nothing that I've burned with the
Sony will play on either player. I get pixelation and video freezes.

I even pulled out a brand new cheapo Magnavox DVD player DP100MW8B
that someone gave me and they won't play on there either, however,
discs made with the Lite-On play perfectly on it.

In my garage I'm using and old 20" Toshiba TV along with a Panansonic
VHS / DVD combo. The tuner went out on the Toshiba and the VCR stopped
working on the Panasonic. So I paired the two up for garage use
instead of junking them.

The discs made with my new Sony, using the Maxell media play fine on
that DVD player.

What is the deal here?

Obviously the Sony will not fit my needs. So I'm going to return it to
newegg. Should I just go ahead and buy another Lite-On, even though it
was mentioned here and in the review threads at Newegg that the Sony
was a repackaged Lite-On?

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