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What would you recommend for $80 or less in DVD burners?  It must be
capable of burning DVD-R discs for an older television DVD player.
Dual layer technology would be a bonus.  Black bezel would be great
also, but not a showstopper.

Otherwise what minimum specifications should I shop for?  Thanks.

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Re: dvd burner recommendations

On sale at MWave:

Re: dvd burner recommendations

badgolferman wrote:
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i got an nec  from newegg

burned 49 dvd's in a row without a single error.

Re: dvd burner recommendations

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A lot of people recommend both the NEC and BENQ the most. The benq was
hyped recently but there were also some posts claiming various BenQs
were different. For instance some posts claimed the Made In china ones
werent as good , reliable. I have no idea if its true.

I have both BenQ I picked up recently on sale and Ive bought 4 NECs in
a row cause thats the best deal in this region when they are sold in
MADDOG boxes at Compusa. Ive read the BenQs were sold in Hi Val and
other boxes and I got a HI VAL with a BENQ inside. All the of the
recent HIVAL BenQs do have Made In china stickers.

So far I just got the benq a month or so ago --- i havent had a any
problem with it and flashed it to a BenQ with a flasher they have if
you do search that enables you to flash Benq firmware to the Hival
drive. Its clearly labeled as a BenQ 1640 in the box.

You can get the NEC and BenQ fairly cheap all the time at NEC around
30-40 bucks but some deals dont include software so check for that.

Re: dvd burner recommendations


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This applies to the older models like the 1620 and 1625 (the
LightScribe version).  The problem is primarily to do with power
regulation.  Specifically that some specimens were very sensitive to
poor power regulation from the PSU, causing some weird behaviour and
it seems the ones with a sticker indicating manufacture in mainland
China seem to be more problematic.  Since the problem is related to
power regulation, I'm not sure if the manufacturing location is a
coincidence or whether those drives actually are more sensitive.  

1. not successfully completing a burn on some of the supported
formats.  The drive would burn right up to the end and then drop a "no
sense information error" or some other error.

2. Weirdness with ability to read certain discs.

I own a 1620, and an NEC 3500.   The NEC never had any problems out of
the box, but my 1620 exhibited every one of those problems.  I  return
3 of the BenQs (each time, the store said there was nothing wrong with
the drive), before stumbling over a mention of the PSU issue.  On
upgrading to a namebrand PSU, my 1620 works.  Same issues were
reported with the Lightscribe version of the drive (1625).

The weirdness with read compatibility remains though, certain brands
of discs employing Pthalocyanine dyes (not all such discs, just some
of them) will read as blank in my Benq 1620.  What's weird is that the
discs haven't gone bad.  They were burned in that drive, and read fine
in my NEC 3500A but not in the drive that burned it.  The other
weirdness is that only SOME pthalocyanine discs give the drive read
indigestion.  Cyanine and Azo based discs seem to have no such
problems so far.  Very odd.  I'd imagine this would be a source of
frustration if the BenQ 1620 were the only optical reader in the

So far, the online comments on the 1640 (BenQ's latest) have been
positive, but as you might imagine, there's a fair bit of confusion in
the discussion as some people have mixed up the 1640 and 1620
discussions.  As such, it's hard to tell how much of the power
regulation issues translate to the newer 1640 model.  Anyways, if you
opt for a BenQ drive, you may wish to avoid the older 1610, 1620, and
1625 models as those definitely have some issues, especially if you
run on a cheaper PSU.



Re: dvd burner recommendations

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Thats interesting info. Im glad its not affecting the 1640s I was
slightly worried about it but since I got it for free (hopefully) , it
didnt bug me as much as it would had I actually paid something for it.
Of course I do want it to be reliable, anyway.

All Id read was some posts recommending people to get Made In Malaysia
drives but I dont think they exist anymore. Anyway, I guess thats not

Re: dvd burner recommendations

badgolferman wrote:
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NEC's 35 and 45 series are very popular, they can burn dual layer and
have bitsetting support (after flashing L&D firmware), so your DVD's
will play on the old DVD player.


Re: dvd burner recommendations

On 07 Dec 2005 03:35:11 GMT, "badgolferman"

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Check out CDFreaks forums:


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* NEC 3540 burner - directron.com, newegg.com

* Liggy & Dee's 1.W8 revised firmware - CDFreaks

* Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD +R YUDEN000 T02 discs - Rima.com,

No other combination of products can come anywhere close to this.


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Re: dvd burner recommendations

badgolferman, 12/6/2005, 10:35:11 PM,

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Thanks fellas.  I ordered the NEC 3550A from NewEgg.com

Re: dvd burner recommendations

On 07 Dec 2005 03:35:11 GMT, "badgolferman"

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I got one of these recently and I'm pretty happy with it.  The
lightscribe feature is pretty cool for burning on labels that don't
make the CD off balance.

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