During the last boot-up your system hung for an improer CPU speed

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I've upgraded my CPU about three weeks ago.  When I replaced the CPU
with the new one, the system auto detected and auto-changed the CPU
speed to 2800 MHZ.
The system would get hung quite often since then and starting today it
even started to shut itself down.  Then when I reboot, it takes me to
BIOS and the message it reads "during the last boot-up your system hung
for an improper CPU speed."
And the power supply smells like something's burning although I don't
think the PS is the culprit for the system hangs and shutdown since I've
tried changing the PS and still resulted in burning smell.

The upgraded CPU is Pentium 4  2.8 Northwood 2.8 GHZ.
The mb on computer is ASUS P4SP-MX.

In BIOS, the following info. is displayed:
CPU Speed  2800 MHz
CPU Frequency Multiple  21x
CPU External Frequency  133/33
Memory Frequency  Auto
CPU Level 2 Cache  Enabled

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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