durata toner stampante laser?

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ciao a tutti  
posseggo da un po' di tempo una Samsung 4623FN, laser multifunzione  
Da poco mi dice di sostituire il toner. Mi sembra strano che sia cosi con s
olo il numero di pagine indicate nel rapporto...  
normale? semplicemente passato troppo tempo (comprata nel 2009 circ
a)? o il primo toner meno performante?  
grazie in anticipo  

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Re: durata toner stampante laser?

viasarpimilano@gmail.com wrote:
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"the first toner is less powerful"

That's how these things work. The cartridge or material provided
with a new printer, holds a fraction of the normal amount of
materials. And even replacement items, can be fractionally
filled. In English, we call this a "scam".


    The intended victims are known as "marks" or "suckers"

And that's what the printing industry considers us, as "suckers".

When you buy the new cartridge, is may say "prints 3000 sheets",
but when you check the counter on the printer, it will show
some lesser number.


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