dual monitor full screen messed up

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I've been using dual monitor for Powerpoint presentations and other
things for many years without any problems. All of the sudden this
week, my computer is displaying fullscreen on the wrong display.
Here's my setup:

- Thinkpad laptop (Display #1, primary monitor)
- LCD monitor (Display #2, extend my windows desktop onto this
monitor, not primary monitor)
- when I click Identify in Control Panel > Display, it shows "1" and
"2" correctly

But in Powerpoint, when I do slideshow (with settings to display
slideshow on Monitor 2, and show presenter view), it displays the
presentation on the laptop (Display #1) and the presenter view on the
LCD monitor (Display #2). I've been using dual monitors with
Powerpoint 2003 for many years without this problem. And this is not a
Powerpoint issue. I have another app that uses dual monitors, and it
also has a similar problem.

Anyone have any suggestions what to try? My best guess is that either
my graphics driver is messed up, or the graphics card is messed up.
Should I try re-installing the driver?

Re: dual monitor full screen messed up

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I was able to resolve this by leaving the projector plugged into the
external VGA port, then restarting Windows.

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