Dual link nvidia pci-e cards? Where?

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I've been looking around for <subj> but haven't managed to find any. All
the cards have 2048x1536 as the maximum resolution, but assuming I want
to drive a 30" Dell I need something that can feed it 2560 x 1600.

Where would I find suck a card, and are there any chances of getting a
dual-link card that doesn't have a fan?

Re: Dual link nvidia pci-e cards? Where?

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2048x1536 is quite possibly the analog VGA output limit of a 400MHz DAC.

The Add-in video card partner list is here. Pick a manufacturer
and look at their spec sheets.


Some 7800 series with dual DVI

I have a suspicion, that if you want 2560x1600, you'll have
to buy a "fire breathing" card, with a nice noisy fan.

For a real laugh, here is a _PCI_ video card with dual-link DVI.
It still has a fan on it, but I bet an after market solution
can fix that. It is expensive to boot.


You might also check the ATI X1000 lineup, but it is as hard to
get info about their cards, as the Nvidia ones. Again, it could
be the high end cards that have the dual-link DVI.


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