DSL modem warning!

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Buy Diamond and Hawking DSL modems at your own risk.
Let me explain.....

I purchased a Hawking DSL modem to install for a client that was moving to a
new office. I had never purchased a Hawking DSL modem, but I had no reason
to not trust the brand.

Cutting to the chase....I had a problem setting it up in "bridge mode" and
called tech support. Of course they aren't based in the US (big surprise)
but we tried struggling through the language barrier as best we could.

Eventually, the tech support rep had me upgrade the firmware in the modem.
This made the modem completely non-functional. And, his only solution was
for me to return the modem to the store. As it was already late and the
local computer stores had closed, this did not make me very happy.

I made due with a spare BellSouth modem that I had and got the client up and

2 days ago I had a client that needed a modem replaced. Unfortunately, the
only modems in stock were (you guessed it) Hawking. So, like a drunken fool,
I bought one and went to try the install.

Again, I had problems....but, ever the positive thinker, I called Hawking
tech support again. When Habib answered, I got a strange chill. But, that
chill in no way prepared me for what Habib was about to say.....

To obtain Hawking technical support for a DSL modem problem you have to
EMAIL tech support. Let me type that again.... To obtain Hawking technical
support for a DSL modem problem you have to EMAIL tech support.

I asked Habib if he understood what a modem did. He assured me that he did.
I then told him that I would be happy to EMAIL Hawking tech support for help
connecting my Hawking ADSL modem if he would be so kind as to tell me how I
might accomplish that.

Habib suggested that I "go outside" and email Hawking tech support. After a
little clarification, he actually was suggesting that I go to "an internet
cafe" and EMAIL Hawking tech support for help setting up my Hawking ADSL

I asked him how I would be able to trouble-shoot my modem problems from "an
internet cafe", and he had no idea.

I had also purchased 2 Hawking network cards. I threw everything back in the
bag and took it all back to my computer store. I will NEVER buy any Hawking
products again. I will mail order parts in first.

I still needed a DSL modem, so I stopped by Fry's electronics. They had a
limited selection, but a Diamond DSL modem looked like just what I needed.
It was the Diamond SupraMax DSL642WLG - Wireless DSL Modem Router for only

Now, I hadn't tried Diamond before, but at least it wasn't Hawking.

Setup was easy. Everything worked flawlessly...or so it seemed.

Although I had set the start and end DHCP addresses at 2 and 150
respectively, the PCs (all set to get IP addresses and related info
automatically) that were rebooted would not get the gateway IP without using
the "Repair" option on the network connection AND were assigned addresses in
the 200+ range.

So, I set the gateway IP manually and logged on to Diamond's website to find
a tech support number.

There isn't one. This is even worse than Hawking! You CAN'T call Diamond
tech support at all. They only give you a form to send an EMAIL and tell you
they will send a reply to your EMAIL in 12-48 hours.

Sending EMAILS to get tech support for DSL modem troubles! For the love of

Do yourself and your clients a HUGE favor.....steer clear of Hawking and
Diamond DSL modems. Pigeons would be faster.

Re: DSL modem warning!

Jim Hubbard wrote:
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Jim..... your forgot to mention the moral of the story..... As bad as
the providers service may be, get your modem from them!

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Re: DSL modem warning!

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I have to agree with you there.  If you can, stay with the modem installed
by your ISP.

If you need a replacement modem, and your ISP can't get to you right away,
You may want to try a Zoom modem.

The Zoom tech support guys actually answer the phone AND the helpful rep I
talked to said that the X5 was more reliable than the X6. So, if you don't
need wireless support in your modem, stick with the Zoom X5.

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