Don't trust TDK or Maplins !!!

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I bought a few boxes of blank TDK discs. They were cheap, well 80% the
usual price, in the "special offers section" of a Maplins Electronics

What a waste of my money! Most unuseable, about 5% could be (but at
only 4x speed), not even a consistent error from one to the next!

I am convinced that they came from a dud batch. Shame on TDK for not
recalling them (so shops can't still try and sell them), and shame on
Maplins for passing them off as even remotely satisfactory. This is
the second time I've bought faulty goods from Maplins, thinking I was
getting a "bargain", just because they were knocked down a bit.

Twice bitten, but no more..... I shan't use either again!

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