Does warning RC4005 matter?

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I have googled for this and found 4 replies. One person asking the same
question with no answers and 3 things in non-english.

Full text of warning is:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\atlmfc\include/afxres.h(28) :
warning RC4005: 'IDR_MANIFEST' : redefinition

So the problem is being flagged in afxres.h inside a "#ifdef RC_INVOKED"
statement, so something is defining RC_INVOKED, but that is nowhere in my

My "resource.h", has:
#define IDR_MANIFEST                    1

And my "circa.rc" file has:
IDR_MANIFEST            RT_MANIFEST             "res\Circa.manifest"

I don't remember, but these things were either added automatically, or as a
result of problems when I converted from VC6 to VS2005.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Does warning RC4005 matter?

Sorry, wrong group - was aiming for the C++ group I subscribe to, which is
next to this group on my list. Please feel free to answer though if it made
any sense!

Re: Does warning RC4005 matter?

GT wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This article:

...suggests that RC_INVOKED is automagically defined by your resource

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