Does D101GGC support Windows 2000??

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Hi all,
I have recently purachased a PC with D101GGC/P4@2.66GHz/80GB SATA hard
drive. I am having problems running Windows2000. First, It did take a
lot of of time for installing windows 2000. After loading, whenever i
run any program, the CPU usage always shows 100% . the system hangs
when i try to run two programs at the same time. for ex, when winamp is
running and I try to copy some thing, the winamp hangs. Also explorer
stops responding. Let me know how to install windows 2000 on
D101GGC/p42.66GHz/80GB SATA hard drive??

Re: Does D101GGC support Windows 2000??

On 11 Jun 2006 21:55:09 -0700, wrote:

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It would seem you mean an Intel D101GGC motherboard, a
little like this,

It should run Win2k fine... even better than WinXP, but that
is another argument for another day.

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Are you sure it was working properly at that time?
Did it show the right CPU speed?  Did you check temps and
voltages?  Did you test memory for several hours with
Memtest86+?  If not, do so, and if you have any memory
errors you need to correct the instability, wipe the HDD and
install windows again to guard against file corruption.

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Describe the rest of the system.  Video card, PSU
make/model/wattage (including 12V amps on the label),
memory, # and type of (any other) drives, etc.

Is this a very clean windows installation or have you
already installed other things and/or been online so you
might have junk running in the background, possibly even
having picked up a virus or ???

If there are no memtest86+ errors, continue monitoring
voltage, temps, and test it with Prime95's Large in-place
FFT's setting.  Again watch for any errors, usually at this
point they would be heat related.

Other less common problems might be bad power or data cables
(or just not plugged in good), including the SATA cable.

Re: Does D101GGC support Windows 2000??


I first loaded WIN XP which is running fine. However, i formatted the
disk and want to install win2k. follwoing is the configuration of the

D101GGC desktopboard with ATI RADEON 200 chipset
512 MB DDR ram
80 GB Seage SATA HDD

Loading win2k took time. but the main problem is that when app1 is
running and i try to run app2, then entire CPU is used by app2 and app1
hangs. Even the mouse shakes/jitters when moving on the screen.

help me!! do i need to upgrade BIOS or anything else??

kony wrote:
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