Do you use a Dell 71PXP/Apex 180ES KVM switch at 1600x1280?

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I have just been deceived with an 8-port KVM switch I bought on eBay.
Not a brand name so my fault I guess. It claimed to be good up to 250
MHz and 1920x1440, but fails miserably with blury graphics at
1600x1280. GRRRRRRRRR.

I need one that will work well and clean at 1600x1280, and I'm looking
at getting a Dell 71PXP/Apex 180ES on eBay. It is rated at 1600x1280,
but it may well still be perfect eat that limit, depending on how
honest/professional the manufacturer is.

Do you have one of these that you run at 1600x1280? If so how would you
qualify the video quality, compared with a direct connection?

I have a KTC 4-port now, and it's near perfect.

If you have another type of 8-port switch that is AS GOOD as a direct
connection at 1600x1280, what is it?


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