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I bought an 80g Maxtor 7200 in 2002.  I want to install it as a 2nd
disk on a PC to run dual-boot linux, but I was wondering if it is fast

Have disks changed that much in 4 years to warrant buying a new HD
instead of using this one?  The 80g should be plenty for what I want to
use it for.


Re: Disk Speed

jc_va@hotmail.com wrote:
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For many purposes I would prefer older 4500 RPM drives, for their
reduced heat generation and power consumption.  For normal use you
will probably never even notice the slowdown, especially with
gigabyte memories holding large disk caches.

 Some informative links:
   http://www.geocities.com/nnqweb /

Re: Disk Speed

On 13 Jun 2006 09:04:45 -0700, jc_va@hotmail.com wrote:

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Ok, but is running the OS _ALL_ it's going to do?  That's a
fairly trivial thing, surely you  want to DO something with
the system...   and therein lies the  details of whether
this drive is going to be a significant bottleneck to your

If you replaced it, what would you get?  If a budget grade
drive, of course it won't have near the performance increase
as, say a WD Raptor or 10K+ RPM SCSI.  If you have enough
data to mostly fill the drive, this too  will be a more
significant slowdown for some of the data relative to a
larger capacity drive.

In general, the performance different wouldn't "usually" be
enough to reject the drive in favor of a new one, but if you
have cash to burn and are itching to speed things up as much
as possible, a newer drive is one viable way to spend the
money.  I'd expect a (very  rough guesstimation, since there
are so many variables) 15-25% performance increase overall.

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Not  really, but if you're working with a lot of data and
concurrent reads and writes, it could help to add the 2nd
drive anyway and have two of them in the systemm, dividing
that *simultaneous* disk I/O between the two.

Re: Disk Speed

As always, great info.  Thanks to both.

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