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Do All Cognoscenti, Greeting!

Could somebody please tell me which system log files (Windows XP Prof.) I
should check if I suspect my HDD is dying?



Re: Disk Error Logs

An entry will be made in your Event Log or you could pass the results of
chkdsk into a text file using >.  For example, if you want to name the file
"log",  you would type "chkdsk > c:\log.txt" at a command prompt.

Re: Disk Error Logs

Andy wrote:
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Run scandisk and look for the scandisk.log file. That's one of them.

Regards from John Corliss

Re: Disk Error Logs

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 11:25:50 GMT, "Andy"

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You can check Event Viewer, but you really don't want to
diagnose this with a generic windows log.  Since you suspect
the drive, copy off valuable data NOW then run the HDD
manufacturer's utility disc.

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