Different Latency and Different Ram?

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Hi, right now I have a regular PC3200 512MB ram..and I want to upgrade
my ram.. so I bought Corsair Pro low latency 2-2-2-5 two PC3200 512MB
ram. do anyone know if I can use all three ram in my memory slot.. will
the regular ram affect my low latency ram?? which mean bring my latency
up?? Thanks for your help..

Re: Different Latency and Different Ram?

On 3 Nov 2006 19:26:15 -0800, victor419@gmail.com wrote:

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Well we dont' know what motherboard you have.  For example,
umm, does it have 3 memory slots?

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Yes, the motherboard's "auto" or "SPD" setting should run
all memory at the highest common denominator of memory
timings so your low latency memory will be running at higher
latency, unless running at a reduced memory bus speed, or
unless you choose to *overclock* the current memory.

When asking a question like this you need to first mention
all significant parts of the system including motherboard
and CPU, and if you're running at an asynchronous memory bus
speed, what speed you're using.

Re: Different Latency and Different Ram?

opps, sorry, first time using the groups...
Abit IS7E
Pentium 4 3.0MHz
3 memroy slot Dual DDR 400,

I have 2 PC3200 512MB Corsair Pro Low latency 2-2-2-5 ram.. and 1 old
regular 512MB PC3200 don't know the latency of it..


kony wrote:
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Re: Different Latency and Different Ram?

victor419@gmail.com wrote:

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It appears your chipset is 865PE, and there are four DIMM slots
on the board.

The best config would be a dual channel config. Two matched
DIMMs, one per channel, in the same relative position on
each channel. On some boards, this would be slots A1,B1
and the alternative would be A2,B2. Here, A and B refer to
the channel, and 1 and 2 refer to the slot number on the
channel. Consult your user manual for how the slots
are labelled on your board - frequently you can download
a manual if you cannot find the paper copy.

If you install three DIMMs on a board like that, it uses
virtual single channel mode. Which would be a bit lower


As in many things computer related, the best way to gauge
the impact of these things, is with benchmarks. Something
like SuperPI could be used to compare a two stick dual
channel config, versus a three stick virtual single channel

The right answer, may depend on how important it is to you,
to have access to 1.5GB of memory. If you use the Task
Manager, to observe how much memory is in use, and you
frequently use more than a gig, then maybe a 1.5GB
memory config is the right answer. It is better to
be using memory, than swapping to disk. If you hardly
ever fill the memory on the machine, then toss out that
third stick.

If it was my machine, I'd run 2x512MB at the CAS2, and
enjoy all the performance it has to offer. If I needed
more RAM in the future, I'd get another couple of those
sweet CAS2 sticks, and sell the oddball 512MB stick.
You started all this, by buying the CAS2, and now you
owe it to them, to run them at their rated settings :-)
It is like getting a pet, and having to take care of it :-)


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Re: Different Latency and Different Ram?

When using mixed RAM sticks, the slowest stick in speed and latency will set
the speed for all the sticks.


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Re: Different Latency and Different Ram?

Thanks..  for help.. I think that's the solution.

DaveW wrote:
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