Did i crush my 7950 Gt GPU core !!!!!

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Did i crush my 7950 Gt GPU core !!!!!

Mobo is Gigabyte 965p DS3.

I'am just haveing much rouble with it now after i replaced the stock
cooler with a NV Silencer 5 Rev 3. It does not state its compatible
with it but i wanted something for my HTPC that would blow the aout
the back and i read that someone put one on without problem.

The problem is now the PC boots everytime i wake up without a problem
and maybe 2 times in a row if i restart, but after that its prettry
random and mostly doe snot work.

It boots up like a matrix thing with curruption in rows comign down
the screen onthe bios boot up screen and the windows boot screen and
when i get into windows the icons on the taskbar are currpted.

If i try to run a game or anything the whole pc juts crashes and i get
a blue screen and the BSOD is currpted so you can't read it.

But if it boots without the currption everything is sweet, I can run
my e6400 @ 3.3ghz fine and run Prime95 for 9 hours on both cores with
no errorss :)

I was thinkingif this would be a NTFS problem, but i'am not sure when
NTFS kicks in. I hope this is the problem as a Fat32 reinstall is all
thats needed.


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