Dialup wifi (again)

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My apologies, as I believe this has been covered recently...

My landlord has just invested in two new laptops.  His home and business has
only dialup capability.

Does he need a separate computer of some sort to act as a server to use an
AP/router/whatever wifi for his laptops?

Or, conversely, what (cheapest mode possible) does he need to do in order to
accomplish wifi connectivity (yes, I know, they'd be sharing just a lousy 40
or so K, but likely only one would be on line at any time; the objective is
to be able to use the laptop wherever suits, rather than tied to the phone
line) via dialup?




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Re: Dialup wifi (again)

Skip Gundlach wrote:
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WiFlyer Router Delivers Dialup Internet Wirelessly.
Instant Setup. Shared Access. WiFi Anywhere.


I have one of these for my three laptops with builtin WiFi, and it's really
cool.... I Don't sell it, but use it, and highly recommend it....

Re: Dialup wifi (again)

Peter Pan cried out

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A webramp and an access point will do the trick too, a lil trickier to
set up but will allow three dialup connections to be merged and turns
them into a lan.

Re: Dialup wifi (again)

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I would not recommend a Webramp.  The company was bought by Nokia in
Jan 2001.  There has been no firmware updates for 5 years.  I had some
minor problems with several 310e models.  I couldn't get the two
modems to do bonding with a local ISP no matter what I tried.  With
only one modem, it would disconnect for no obvious reason.  Nothing
useful in the log files.  I had a difficult time constructing a
suitable filter to prevent NETBIOS DNS lookups from bringing up the
modem.  I sold or gave away 4 of these.  However, they're very cheap
on eBay.

I later switched to 3com 3C888 and 3C886.  These worked flawlessly.
Channel bonding worked.  Hangup worked.  No suprises.  Plug an access
point (or wireless router setup as an access point) into one of the
LAN ports and instant wireless dialup modem router.

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