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Hi all

I've got a pc where the usb ports wont work, and floppy only sometimes

Reinstalled assuming these problems were down to a very messed up OS,
but looks like they may be hardware problem. Is there an easy way to
determine if the usb works? I've installed nusb3.1 (on 98) but am
getting nowhere with usb. USB is the key one, can live with no flop.

Its a P3 with 98/2k & twin hdds. Discs were repartitioned and
formatted before reinstall.

Thanks, NT

Re: diagnose problem(s)

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Check the bios to make sure USB is enabled...it may not be.

If it is enabled but not working...you can always add a PCI, USB card

as to the floppy... it may just plain be bad...again an inexpensive fix

Re: diagnose problem(s)

philo wrote:
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The suggestion is _SO_ true.

A few weeks ago I was resurrecting a SMP PIII system to make a
centralized file server. The MB was so ancient that it was considered an
advanced feature that it had two, count 'em, two USB ports. I installed
an old W2K license on it and then struggled for an embarrassingly long
time trying to get the USB ports going so I could hook up the monitoring
line from the UPS. Yep, somehow the ports had gotten disabled in the
BIOS and as luck would have it the only way to see the USB status was to
scroll through options and I failed to do that the several times I was
in there. Disabled was the default "safe" state of the USBs and I may
have reset the BIOS to defaults at some time in the distant past without
remembering it.

Just proves that when things get strange you can never take even the
simplest things for granted.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: diagnose problem(s)

meow2222@care2.com wrote:
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Can you boot a Ubuntu (ubuntu.com) or a Knoppix (knopper.net)
Linux LiveCD ? Those Linux distributions can be booted from a CD,
without installing anything on a hard drive. Maybe you could arrange
some kind of test that way. (The worst part of those distributions,
is the ISO9660 file to make the CD, is 700MB in size, which is not
practical if you are using a dialup Internet connection for download.)



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