Device Wont Uninistall and Other USB DEvice wont Install

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This one is driving me me insane.......

It's on an HP laptop with Windows XP and latest updates.

I used to have the PC Suite and device software installed for a Nokia
E70 phone.

When I changed phones I tried to de-install it and the PC Suite
software went.

However, the device itself is still listed when you go into Device
Manager, even though its flagged with a caution.

However, if I try to un-nistall it, the system just freezes with the
egg-timer showing.

Also, if I insert a new USB device (any USB device), it tries to
install but I get a "device cannot be installed" message, so new USB
devices wont install although I can use ones that were first installed
before this problem.

Cant help feeling that if I could uninstall the Nokia device, things
would be a bit cleaner to help solve the problem.

I've tried searching all sorts of places regarding the USB install
problem and they each seem to conclude the only way forward is to
re-install the laptop with Windows on to a clean disk.

I reckon I'm looking at a two-day rebuild there and as everything else
is working fine am reluctanct to go down that route.

Surely there must be another way - anyone know what it is?



Re: Device Wont Uninistall and Other USB DEvice wont Install

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 17:32:47 +0100, John F Kappler

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I don't know the answer to your problem, but to remove the
ghost entry in Device Manager you should first try booting
to safe mode to uninstall it.  

Beyond that, I hesitate to give the following recommendation
below because I wouldn't want to damage your windows
installation, but it is probably what I'd do next:

If that doesn't work, you may be able to right-click on the
Device Manager entry, bringing up the properties. On the
Details tab, write down what is listed for the Device
Instance ID.  You may not be able to see the entire Device
Instance ID but write down the rightmost segment you do see
after the last slash in it.

Next open Regedit, highlight the key:
then use the menu choice Edit->Find, to search for the
Device Instance ID you wrote down above.

Note all entries in the
key, one of them should be the one you are looking for.
Once you have found that key, being conservative you should
highlight it and in Regedit's menu, "Export" that key by
saving the file somewhere like the desktop.  

Copy that subkey name, it would be a number something like
(this is a random example, not the right number)

Save that key to a text file.  If you can't remove the
driver in safe mode, you could go into regedit again and
search for that subkey name under the subkey:
It should not be there, I mean the Nokia installer should
not have put the entry there but if you cannot uninstall it
in safe mode I would be wondering if the key is there, and
if it is, Export a backup of that numbered subkey name to
the desktop then delete it.

Be sure you have only highlighted the subkey that
corresponds to the Nokia Device, not the whole subcategory
it resides in with other USB devices.  After making the
backup (Export), open that backup in notepad to be sure you
have it, and delete the Nokia key.

In the backup file, look for "driver" to see what string it
points to.  Search for that string in regedit while the
key is highlighted.  It will point to a driver file, so do a
file search for that driver and right click it's properties
to see if it is a Microsoft file or a Nokia file.  If it's a
Nokia file you could delete it.

All of the above were generalized suggestions, not
necessarily exactly what you might need to do.  I suggest
making a system backup before trying anything at all.

You'll need to reboot the system after whatever changes were
made then see if you can add new USB devices.  If you have
an uninstaller entry in Add/remove programs you may also
need to search the registry for it to get rid of that Ghost

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