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Hi all .  I have a Gateway GM5260 which I was happy with  but now all of
a sudden the prompt tells me there is no TV tuner installed ? It has
what I think is an external tuner IF that is the infa-red gizzmo with a
remote it says SMK on the underside of it  and it worked fine as I
recorded TV around Christmas time now all of a sudden there seems to be
"no tuner installed" ?   What happened and how do I fix it ?  I tried
Gateway and their answe was to try to go back and do the windows
recovery at a prior date which I had already tried and got no where?  
their only other recomendation was to re-format the drive and re-load
windows on my 250 gif hard drive which I have 200 gigs used ! Needless
to say I don't want to loose all this right now until I can back it up
but also all the programs I will also loose is shocking and some I
cannot reload or replace! ( serials and activations etc) because of the
rigamorole involved not to mention time and locating my info from when I
got the software too !  If this cannot be fixed can I put on another
Tuner ( external ?  The current infa-red thing also works my media
center as well ?  Either that or does any one know how to check and see
if the device wizzard even says the tuner is there or what ?  I looked
but have no clue as to what the tuner is called in devices? I tried
online as I said with a supposed "tech" guy from  Gateway and they were
useless except to try and sell me an extended warranty ! and them sugest
I reload (format) C drive and reinstall the windows software it came
with ! ! !  RIGHT  NEVER  again will I buy a Gateway !   I do notice
that  when I reboot a prompt tell me some file cannot be located too ?
Could this be the problem ? Thanks all for any help . I am bedridden and
stay connected to the world with tis computer and am heartsick it does
not work already as I purchased it in Nov. of 2007 !

Re: Desperate HELP!!!

Jan 2008

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According to the Gateway site, the tv tuner is likely a
Hauppauge [sp?] pci card.  In device manager you can look for
this or view what is connected to the pci bus.  It might have a
red 'x' mark. Right click and look at properties.  This may or
may not show anything interesting.  Anyway ... the first tab
should offer the opportunity to 'update drivers', or some such.  
Click this and follow the 'recommended' choices.  Windoze should
find the missing file you noted and reinstall from the dll
backups ... I hope.  You'll just have to see where this leads

Alternatively, in device manager you can right click on the
'computer' item, and choose 'scan for changes' or some such.  
This will cause a system scan for lost/not working items, and
should lead you to the same choices of searching for drivers, as

btw, the 'gizzmo' you refer to is just an ir device.

Hope this helps.

Be well,


Re: Desperate HELP!!!

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You CAN install windows without format-ing, bigmike825
Boot thro' your XP cd & take it from there. You probably only need a
couple of drivers from your Win cd. But partition your HDD as soon as
possible for the future. Store all in the partition in case of "wipe-
outz"!! Try to post the drivers asked for. Or e-mail me.

Re: Desperate HELP!!!

bigmike825 wrote:
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The Tuner looks similar to a Hauppauge PVR-150.

Everest Free Edition - use Devices:PCI to see if the card is there.


Re: Desperate HELP!!!

bigmike825 wrote:
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... lots snipped ...

This is advice.  If you can't prepare your message and cut it into
sensible paragraphs, I am not willing to ATTEMPT to read it.  Any
time I see a large mass of print with no discernable intervals, I
normally just ignore it.  Once in a blue moon I will make a noise.

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