Dell PowerEdge 2400

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Hi.  I just bought a Dell PowerEdge 2400. The server has one 533 MHz
PIII CPU w/room for
another CPU, and has 256 MBs of ECC SDRAM.  It also has 3 SCSI HDs (out
of five bays).

However, when I turn it on there is no POST nor is there any video

Please suggest issue/solution (including whether I should just throw it
away).  I am merely looking for something to host a test database on
though . .

Thanks in advance

Re: Dell PowerEdge 2400

All help appreciated wrote:
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These are the mauals, read the installation and troubleshooting guide
and the service manual.

Re: Dell PowerEdge 2400 wrote:>
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this would suggest a dead cpu could be wrong, the way to find out is
disconnect every thing from mb and start with just cpu and ram and start
from there if it works start adding peripherals one at a time

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